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Recommended Blueberry Spray Schedule

The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association recommends following the Blueberry Spray schedule on pages 37-41 in the 2013 Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide.

Below is a link to:

2013 Midwest Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide

Also, here is a link to University of Kentucky's Fungicide Spray Blueberry Spray Schedule developed by Nicle Ward Gauthier, UK Extension Plant Pathologist.

Sample Fungicide Spray Schedule for Commercial Blueberry

Below is a link to the new Blueberry Production Guide:

Midwest Blueberry Production Guide


In Kentucky many commercial blueberry farmers follow a conventional spray schedule to avoid fruit loss caused by fungus and pests. The pests of most concern are the Plum Curculio and more recently the Spotted Wing Drosophila.

Plum Curculio Info from North Carolina State -Integrated Pest Management

Spotted Wing Drosophila Recommendations