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Blueberry Farm
1103 West Stockton Street   |   P.O. Box 116   |   Edmonton, Kentucky 42129   |   Phone: (270) 432-2601


The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association celebrated the Grand Opening of the first ever Blueberry Marketing and Warehouse facility in Kentucky in April 2013!



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Here is a ripening blueberry cluster.

Here are some buckets of Kentucky Proud farm fresh blueberries!


This bush is a three year old container grown plant that we use for a demonstration plant when we are scheduled to speak or set up a booth at various agricultural functions.

Just thought I would show you a few pictures of plants with berries not yet fully grown, these guys will get much larger before they turn blue. This is a young Blue Crop plant.

Fall Colors

Blueberry Bushes turn red for fall. The leaves will start to turn red until they are all a beautiful red in color. The stems also turn red. Following the fall colors, the leaves will drop off for the winter.