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Organic Alternatives

Ohio State University - Organic - Intergrated Pest Management

Cornell University - Production Guide for Organic Blueberries

Organic Management of Plum Curculio

Blueberries can easily be grown organically, particularly by home gardeners. Here at the Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association we are investigating the feasibility of our growers implementing organic practices on a commercial scale. More research specific to Kentucky growers is needed. We appreciate first hand experience and would like to here about your experiences with organic practices; specifically what has worked well for you.

There are many organic products available that can be used instead of chemical fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Here are a few that our members have had success with...

Sulfur - granulated sulfur is an organic compound that is often required to adjust soil PH. It is best to apply sulfur prior planting so that it can assimilate in the soil. Sulfur is should be applied 60 - 90 days prior to planting, too much at once can burn your plants. Sulfur is used regularly by conventional and organic farmers a-like.

Neem Oil - is a plant extract that is used as a fungicide and pesticide.

Neptune's Harvest - an organic fertilizer that has been recommended by several members.

AGGrand - an organic fertilizer that has recommended by a member.

We believe these alternatives are worth investigating, and we would appreciate any feed-back regarding their success or failure.


 More to come on this subject...