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Blueberry Farm
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Seeds are from a mixture of Northern High Bush and Southern High Bush varieties, but there is no guarantee as to percentages of type. All of the seeds are from high bush variety blueberry bushes and have been stratified to produce nearly 100% germination rate. The seeds will grow to produce a large berry and will be a blend and or mix of varieties. The seeds should be grown in ZONES 3-9. All orders of seeds will be shipped with full planting instructions. All seed orders will be processed, packed, and certified by The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association.

NOTE: Please be sure to include your name, address and phone number with your order. It is your responsibility to make sure the payment provider has correct and current address and shipping information. If you want the order shipped to a different address, please include that information also.

ALL orders MUST BE PREPAID prior to shipping. Keep in mind that seeds ship nearly every day. If you need a later shipping date, please include that information with your order. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions. Prices subject to change without notice.

If ordering with a check or postal money order, please be sure to include your name, shipping address and phone number.

We are open Monday through Friday 8am-12pm Central Time. However, our phone and email hours frequently extend beyond office hours. We are closed for all major holidays.                                                                               


Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association
1101 West Stockton Street
Edmonton, KY 42129

We use regular mail delivery.

Please only click the "Add to Cart" button once, as multiple clicks will place multiple orders.
If you make a mistake you will be able to correct it when viewing your cart.

For Foreign orders, please order a minimum of 500 seeds due to postage costs.

We accept PayPal for all transactions.

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  200 Seeds -- FREE SHIPPING

Note: For Foreign orders please order a minimum of 500 seeds due to postage costs.
  500 Seeds -- FREE SHIPPING $10.00
  1,000 Seeds -- FREE SHIPPING $17.00
  Bulk Seed - 1 oz -- FREE SHIPPING
(approximately 59,000 seeds per oz)
  Bulk Seed - 1/2 Pound (8 oz) -- FREE SHIPPING within the US. 
Foreign orders, please contact us for a shipping quote.
  Bulk Seed - 1 pound (16 oz) -- FREE SHIPPING within the US.
Foreign orders, please contact us for a shipping quote.



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