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Blueberry Farm
1103 West Stockton Street   |   P.O. Box 116   |   Edmonton, Kentucky 42129   |   Phone: (270) 432-2601

Member Benefits

"Cooperation Not Competition"                    

Once you are approved as a member you will be entitled to:

*   Member discounts on KBGA products, such as packaging and plants.                                                                                                  

*    Assistance in advertising and marketing your crop.

*    KBGA E-mail Updates, sent regularly with current information.

*    Access to Member meeting and events.

*   Access to services being offered and developed by the KBGA.

*   Access to equipment owned by the KBGA.

*   Advice regarding planting and growing healthy blueberry plants.

*   The enjoyment of fellowship with persons of like mind.


The KBGA is hard at work expanding the market for Kentucky Proud fresh and frozen blueberries! Ken Childers is our active Marketing Director. Here at the KBGA we are looking into expanding into additional wholesale markets like hospitals and nursing homes to make sure that the demand for our Kentucky Proud blueberries expands with our members increase in production. If you have any questions, give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

Kenneth Childers - Marketing Director: phone - 270-670-6035

Larry A. Martin Sr. - President: phone - 270-432-2601